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Do New Hanover County or the city of Wilmington require you to recycle? You asked!

Which elected officials have oversight of the Cape Fear Public Utilities Authority? You asked!

Why did Oak Island raise the sewer tax for only vacant lots? You asked!

Who is the new CFPUA public information officer? You asked!

What are CFPUA’s plans for getting water and sewer to parts of unincorporated New Hanover County? You asked!

What caused water in the Rocky Point-Topsail Water and Sewer District to foam in 2012? You asked!

Is it legal for a duplex to have only one water meter in Wilmington? You asked!

Why are CFPUA trucks left running at lunchtime? You asked!

Why do a majority of the vehicles of CFPUA meter readers have out-of-state plates? You asked!

Who is responsible for the care of sewer housings on active roads? You asked!

What’s going on at the corner of South College Road and Holly Tree Road? You asked!

Who paid for the water used by the fire department in the 2012 brush fire? You asked!

Where are the wells that are used by CFPUA to provide drinking water? Is the Arrowhead water tower still used? You asked!

When will DirecTV provide high-definition programming on local Wilmington channels? You asked!

Do Charter or Time Warner have plans to expand services to neighborhoods in Hamptstead? You asked!

Will Longview Drive in Castle Hayne ever get water and sewer lines? You asked!

How high are the communications towers along Market Street? You asked!

Is the dominant-tract owner with an ingress/egress easement for a servient-tract owner compelled to grant utility easement? You asked!

When all the CFPUA projects are finished and paid for with rate increases, will we see rates drop back down? You asked!

Who maintains the power poles on South College Road between 17th Street and Monkey Junction? You asked!

Does CFPUA make allowances for large water bills due to burst pipes? You asked!

What is Progress Energy doing on River Road? You asked!

When will the new Pender County water system along U.S. 421 and N.C. 210 be ready? You asked!

How long does it take to get a fire hydrant back in service? You asked!

Why does Progress Energy hire out-of-state companies for line clearing and pruning? You asked!

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