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Are there plans to change Blair School Road now that school traffic is being redirected? You asked!

Many Brunswick County roads scheduled for repaving in 2017 still need work. What’s the status? You asked!

What was the name of College Road before its current name? You asked!

What is going on on South College Road? They started repaving it, but nothing has been done in the past couple of months. You asked!

Is there a place to watch ships come into the Port of Wilmington? You asked!

What traffic calming measures does the city of Wilmington plan to install to deal with Noble Middle School traffic on Saint Nicholas Road and Green Meadows Drive? You asked!

Is there four-lane work starting on Castle Hayne Road? You asked!

When is DOT going to start putting medians on Market Street in the Ogden area? You asked!

What type of fighter jets do we see flying around ILM airport? You asked!

Which beaches in Southeastern North Carolina charge for parking? You asked!

In making a U-turn on a highway, which lane should drivers stay in? You asked!

Does Brunswick County or the state have plans to improve safety at U.S. 17 and Hickman Road? You asked!

What are plans for a traffic signal on Long Beach Road by Beach Road Baptist Church? You asked!

How do I request that a stop sign be installed on my street? You asked!

How do I know which year was my street was created and who do I ask about when the road will be repaved? You asked!

When turning from a two-lane road onto a four-lane highway, which is the correct lane to enter? You asked!

Is there a plan for parking for Pier 33, Northside Park and the new restaurants downtown? You asked!

Why must traffic accidents be required before signs are posted indicating correct traffic movement at intersections? (Specifically, U-Turn vs. right turn with no signals) Isn’t this being reactive instead if proactive? You asked!

When do the changes to N.C. emissions testing requirements take effect? You asked!

Is there a starting date for construction at the intersection of Military Cutoff Road and Market Street? You asked!

I often see State Ports vehicles pulling over drivers at Burnett Boulevard and Third Street lately when I never did before. Why? You asked!

Traffic at the entrance to Lewis Farms by our subdivision entrance is dangerous. Can something be done? You asked!

I unknowingly moved into a new home in Brunswick Forest that appears to be directly under a common flight path. Can anything be done about it? You asked!

Why is no sidewalk being built along Independence Boulevard adjacent to The Pointe at Barclay? You asked!

How much did N.C. DOT and New Hanover County spend on the Wells Fargo Championship? You asked!

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