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What is being built next to the GoGas on Market Street? You asked!

How can I make the city of Wilmington aware of street and drainage problems? You asked!

When will Mallory Creek Drive in Leland be repaved? You asked!

Are there any plans to add dedicated bike lanes on Wrightsville Beach?  You asked!

When is St. Andrews Drive going to be repaved? You asked!

When does the contractor working on I-140 plan to resume work on South College Road and remove the barrels? You asked!

What are the laws concerning 15-foot boat trailers in North Carolina? You asked!

Why does the sign on U.S. 74-76 no longer indicate bridge openings? You asked!

What is the process for having an unpaved road considered for paving in Brunswick County? You asked!

When will the U-turn on Carolina Beach Road near Silver Lake Road open? You asked!

Is DOT considering raising the speed limit on the causeway to Leland? You asked!

When will a ramp connect the Wilmington Bypass and Porters Neck Road into Porters Neck Center? You asked!

Are there plans to add turn lanes on Station Road where it meets Market Street? You asked!

Does N.C. DOT plan to designate all of the Wilmington bypass as I -140? You asked!

What is the status of the U.S. 17 and Thomasboro Road intersection improvement project in Brunswick County? You asked!

Are they doing work on the intersection of N.C. 133 and Forest Lane in Pender County? You asked!

What is the new traffic pattern for Kerr Avenue and Market Street? You asked!

When Military Cutoff Extension is completed, will the traffic light at Covil Farm Road and Military Cutoff be removed? You asked!

When will signs be changed to reflect the newly finished I-140 versus the 140 state route sign? You asked!

Will the lines be repainted on Mount Misery Road in Leland? The road is very hard to see at night. You asked!

Where can I find information on vessels entering the Cape Fear River? You asked!

A road is being built from U.S. 17 into the woods by the Presbyterian Church in Hampstead. What is it for? You asked!

Who is responsible for maintaining sidewalks and grass along Third Street? Who should I complain to if I feel it isn’t being maintained? You asked!

Can an HOA that has private roads set speed limits? How can they be enforced? You asked!

What is the law regarding a school bus using a state-maintained road to back up and turn around? You asked!

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