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What happened to the bronze statue at the foot of the Holmes Bridge? You asked!

Do you know of a church-based orphanage in Wilmington in the mid-1930s possibly though the 1940s? You asked!

Whatever happened to the man who used to swim in the river on a regular basis? You asked!

Whatever happened to the Grim Reapers cigarettes made in Castle Hayne? You asked!

Where can I find a Monkey Junction T-shirt? You asked!

Does anybody have the recipe for Mr. Jimmy’s hot dog chili? You asked!

Does anybody remember the recipe for the crabcakes served at Faircloth Seafood? You asked!

Did the Biltmore Dairy Bar give rewards to customers who could eat all of a huge dessert? You asked!

What’s the history of the Triangle Lounge building? Are there any photos? You asked!

Was the radio show ‘Music ‘Til Dawn’ broadcast in Wilmington? You asked!

Who was the man who sold flowers from a baby stroller in downtown Wilmington? You asked!

Where can I find a copy of the TV commercial for Carolina Furniture Budget Store? You asked!

Are prints or postcards of the beautiful mural in Wilmington’s main post office for sale? You asked!

What were the names of the 2 restaurants at 16th and Dawson streets in the early ’60s? You asked!

What’s the history of the Southport Shell Museum? You asked!

Has anything local been named in honor of Meadowlark Lemon or Michael Jordan? You asked!

Who owns Silver Lake? You asked!

Where can my daughters and I go freshwater fishing without a boat? You asked!

Was there a park in town that had several jet aircraft on display back in the 1950s and ’60s? You asked!

How many people in the Wilmington area will celebrate birthdays on 11/11? You asked!

Whatever happened to WECT-TV reporter Ben McDonald? You asked!

What’s the name of the drive-in restaurant that was on Castle Hayne Road in the ’60s? You asked!

Which local restaurants feature eating challenges? You asked!

Which WWAY-TV news anchor did a special on Southport in the early ’70s? You asked!

What was the name of the ’60s rock band that rode around town in a Cadillac limo? You asked!

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