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Are there any associations that represent owners of private clubs in North Carolina? You asked!

What happened to The Cabana Club? You asked!

Has a Wilmington mayor ever been hit by a car? You asked!

What was the Blue Cockatoo Lounge? You asked!

What is the correct pronunciation of Sanders Road?

Has anyone around here ever won the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes? You asked!

Who were some of the coroners from 1865 to 1932? You asked!

What will replace the old Citgo station at Shipyard and College? You asked!

Why is the land being cleared on N.C. 132 in Castle Hayne near the railroad tracks?

What business is going into the the old Carolina Cantina building on Market Street? You asked!

What type of construction is going on near the veterinarian’s office in Brunswick Forest? You asked!

If I’m renting a lot in a mobile home park and a tree falls on my mobile home, who is responsible for my damages? You asked!

Why did the DOT not replace the granite marker on the New Hanover County-Pender county line? You asked!

Who was the first licensed female pilot in Southeastern North Carolina? You asked!

What happened to Pierce’s Nursery on Market Street? It appears to have been abandoned. You asked!

Did Delgado/Spofford mill ever issue company scrip? You asked!

Why is Kenwood Avenue where 24th Street should be? You asked!

What can you tell me about Fernando’s Restaurant, formerly located on Oleander Drive? You asked!

Is there anywhere in Wilmington area to pick up pecans? You asked!

I heard some loud noises last night near the airport. Can you find out what those were? You asked!

Was Silver Lake formed by a meteor?

What was the history of the radio tower on the Parsley plantation land? You asked!

Was there a Brunswick deputy named Radcliff in the late 1950s, early ’60s? You asked!

What caused that ‘burning garbage’ smell recently? You asked!

Is the house at 1101 Country Club Rd. haunted? You asked!

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