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Public Safety

Has Park Avenue ever flooded? You asked!

Can a gun shop and repair business fire a gun in the city limits? You asked!

Can you carry a visible gun in North Carolina that’s registered to someone else? You asked!

Does the city plan to tear down dilapidated vacant homes around 11th and Dock streets? You asked!

Is it illegal for someone to paint their car with police emblems, a badge or ‘To protect and serve’? You asked!

Why were the “No Weapons Allowed” signs removed from an ABC store? You asked!

Is it against the law to shoot pellet guns in a townhouse complex? You asked!

Did the YMCA have fire insurance? You asked!

Do Wrightsville Beach police officers and police staff use personal cellphones? You asked!

Will the ‘Pedestrian Only’ signs be put back on the Hugh MacRae Park trail? You asked!

Why hasn’t the speed limit on U.S. 421 near the Memorial Bridge been reduced? You asked!

Are service dogs required to be leashed in Brunswick County? You asked!

What does ‘bird sanctuary’ on the Leland town limit sign mean? You asked!

What is a ‘service dog’? Can they be used by non-handicapped people? You asked!

How much does Wilmington pay the county for 911 services? You asked!

Can you legally shoot crows year-round in New Hanover County without a license? You asked!

Are there plans to build a pedestrian crosswalk over Carolina Beach Road near Walmart? You asked!

Is it legal to use a fire pits for warmth on a deck in the city of Wilmington? You asked!

Is there a way to check if I was issued a red light camera citation if I never received the citation in the mail? You asked!

How is that 2-year-old Pender boy who was mauled by a dog in February 2014? You asked!

With the construction on the Leland causesway, why are streetlights not working? You asked!

Is TNT’s ‘Cold Justice’ filming a show about a Wilmington crime? You asked!

Are we celebrating Law Enforcement Appreciation Day on Jan. 9? You asked!

What are those blue reflectors in the road? You asked!

What is that blue box on a utility pole on South Front Street? You asked!

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