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Local history

What is the earliest cemetery in Wilmington?

What is Battle Royal (Batarora)?

How can I find out where my ancestors are buried? You asked!

Where was the Civil War activity in Halyburton Park? You asked!

How did the Green Swamp get its name? You asked!

Was there any activity around Greenfield Lake during the Civil War? You asked!

What was on the land where the Monkey Junction Walmart and Lowe’s Home Improvement were built? You asked!

Were any U-boat crew members captured off the North Carolina coast and held prisoner at Fort Bragg? You asked!

A radio show mentioned a Tobacco Barn restaurant in Wilmington around 1977, but I had never heard of it. Any details? You asked!

Does the film “Cape Fear” have any connection to the Cape Fear River? You asked!

Was Bald Head Island at one time to be named in honor of George Pullman, the railcar king? You asked!

Where can I find a Carolina Beach phone directory from the period 1960-1965?

When and where was the first Kentucky Fried Chicken in Wilmington?

Was there a Wilson’s supermarket beside Kmart on South College Road?

Was there a rental house on Echo Farms in 1942? You asked!

Do people still see the Maco Light? You asked!

Why aren’t historic markers placed at the site they mark? You asked!

Was actor Dan Blocker, a.k.a. Hoss Cartwright of ‘Bonanza,’ the emcee at the 1967 N.C. Azalea Festival? You asked!

What happened to The Cabana Club? You asked!

What is the story behind “Doctor Point” on maps of the Cape Fear River across from The Cape golf course? You asked!

What happened to the old Wrightsville Beach trolley trestles? You asked!

Has a Wilmington mayor ever been hit by a car? You asked!

What was the Blue Cockatoo Lounge? You asked!

Where are the two cement lions that were in front of the old police station at City Hall? What was their origin? You asked!

Did anyone ever find the supposed Civil War bunker near Fifth Avenue in downtown Wilmington? You asked!

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