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Are medical records from the Babies Hospital still available? You asked!

Who sets the New Hanover County Animal Shelter’s hours for adoptions? You asked!

How many days off work are female police officers given for maternity leave? You asked!

Can a church have a potluck dinner without permission from the health department? You asked!

What hospitals are in Southeastern North Carolina? You asked!

Why is Wilmington Health not accepting Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina’s Medicare in 2014? You asked!

How long does a flu shot last before its protection wears off? You asked!

Whatever happened to Clarice Blanton, who was poisoned in 1978 after a dance at school? You asked!

What is the difference between New Hanover Regional Medical Center and Wilmington Health? You asked!

Who were some of the coroners from 1865 to 1932? You asked!

Why does NHRMC President Jack Barto make more than presidents of larger hospitals? You asked!

How many babies have been born to immigrants this year in New Hanover County? You asked!

How did New Hanover Hospital pension fund end up owning land on Market Street rezoned for Walmart recently? You asked!

Is Dr. Stephen V. Chiavetta changing practices? Where is he going? You asked!

Does Wilmington have a support group for chronic pain sufferers? You asked!

Are there preschool programs in New Hanover County schools for children who miss the cutoff? You asked!

How do I apply for a job at the new VA clinic? You asked!

Why did the city of Wilmington open an employee health clinic? You asked!

Does New Hanover hospital have a plan to prevent their helicopters from crashing into the residential neighborhood? You asked!

What happened to the horses at North Kerr Avenue and U.S. 117 (Coastal Therapeutic Riding)? You asked!

Are electronic cigarettes permitted in no-smoking areas? You asked!

When is the VA clinic next to the airport supposed to open? You asked!

With demand for hospital beds rising, why is New Hanover Regional not using the fifth floor?

What are the health regulations that apply to a food cart? You asked!

What part of the NHRMC’s budget did the money for the new fitness center come from? You asked!

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