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Do NHRMC managers get bonuses for allowing wage personnel to work overtime? You asked!

How to I prearrange to donate my own body upon death?  You asked!

Why is DermOne pulling out of Mayfaire? You asked!

Why does Port City Marina not have wheelchair accessibility to their portable restroom trailers? You asked!

Do any commercial beverage bottling companies draw water from the GenX-affected area of the Cape Fear River? You asked!

What do I need to know about the toxic chemical GenX in the local drinking water?

Why does the VA clinic in Wilmington still have problems with its water when it’s been open since 2015? You asked!

Is there a map of contaminated, or “brownfield,” sites along the Cape Fear River in the city limits? You asked!

Where can I dispose of used medical supplies for recycling? You asked!

Can you bolt an extra seat in an SUV to put children in the cargo space of an SUV? You asked!

Does revealing that an individual was given Narcan injections violate HIPAA laws? You asked!

How many deaths occurred in Brunswick, New Hanover and Pender counties in 2014? You asked!

Where can I find historical photographs/information on local medical facilities and patient treatments prior to 1960? You asked!

If you operate a hot dog cart in different North Carolina counties, do you need a permit from each? You asked!

Where in Wilmington can one get CPR training? You asked!

How do I dispose of sharps (medication needles)?

Would the city’s code enforcement division investigate mold growth in a rented apartment?

Are employers required to disclose employee health insurance costs, even if the employer pays 100%? You asked!

Does the New Hanover County school system have a policy on required vaccinations? You asked!

What is going up near Lowe’s in Surf City? You asked!

Where can I dispose of expired prescription and over-the-counter medications? You asked!

What percentage of North Carolina hospitals are nonprofit? You asked!

Is it against health codes for employees to bring their own food to the restaurant where they work? You asked!

Are non-service animals such as dogs allowed in stores that sell food? You asked!

To get my VA disability benefits, I need old medical records that seem unavailable. Any ideas? You asked!

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