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Who is removing trees on Military Cutoff Road in front of the Pebble Cove subdivision?

How old is the oak tree that is fenced at I-140 and Market Street next to Lowe’s Home Improvement?

Is it true that loblolly is prized for building because it will petrify with age? You asked!

I saw this plant in a downtown Wilmington yard. Can you tell me what it is? You asked!

What are the ordinances for keeping backyard chickens in New Hanover County outside the city of Wilmington? You asked!

Will azaleas be in bloom for the North Carolina Azalea Festival?

Is it OK to feed the grass along the side of the road to my chickens? You asked!

Are more trees going to be planted in the new Market Street median? You asked!

If I spray Roundup on my weeds, will it also kill my grass? You asked!

With the recent cold weather, will the azaleas be in peak bloom for the 2014 Azalea Festival? You asked!

Did the polar vortex kill all of the local Washingtonia palms, or will they recover? You asked!

Can I legally open carry my handgun without having any type of handgun permits? You asked!

What are those flowers DOT planted at the interchange of I-140 and Market Street? You asked!

Where can I find bamboo or river canes for a project? You asked!

Has Airlie Gardens thought about keeping the frog sculptures permanently? You asked!

How did New Hanover Hospital pension fund end up owning land on Market Street rezoned for Walmart recently? You asked!

What happened to the canopy of oaks over the 2000 block of Perry Avenue? You asked!

Where can I legally buy a Venus’ flytrap plant? Can they be kept as an indoor plant? You asked!

What happened to Pierce’s Nursery on Market Street? It appears to have been abandoned. You asked!

Will the azalea flowers peak around the time of the Azalea Festival this year? You asked!

Who is paying for the landscaping project at the Porter’s Neck traffic circle and surrounding area? You asked!

Where can I buy limestone gravel by the sack? You asked!

Was the Military Cutoff tree planting put out to bid? You asked!

Who’s responsible for picking up my neighbor’s leaves when they fall in my yard? You asked!

Who is responsible for watering the new trees planted along Military Cutoff? You asked!

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