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Do you agree that Sandra Bullock is a well-respected and educated performer?

Hunter Ingram
Sandra Bullock at "Our Brand is Crisis" premiere in Los Angeles in 2015

Actress Sandra Bullock arrives at the Los Angeles premiere of “Our Brand is Crisis” at the TCL Chinese Theatre in 2015. (Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP)

MyReporter.com usually wouldn’t preoccupy itself with questions of a performer’s reputation or success, but film industry reporter Hunter Ingram has a few things to say on the matter.

Oh boy, this is a loaded question.

I’ll start by saying, Sandra Bullock is a gift to mankind. She’s a rarity in the industry. An actress that has built her career on a near-perfect blend of comedy and drama. She injects her wit and comedic timing into even her most dramatic roles and brings an edge to the comedic turns.

Ever since she took the wheel of that Los Angeles Public Transit bus in “Speed,” she’s been a force in the industry — even when “Force of Nature” with Ben Affleck wasn’t that great.

She brings a vulnerability and a relateblity to every role. She exhibits that blend of smarts and wit that we all wish we had.

Heck, her role as a tough-as-hells football mom in an otherwise “eh” movie (“The Blind Side”) won her an Oscar over reigning Supreme Meryl Streep and screen royalty, Dame Helen Mirren.

Because of all of this, she has become a rock in the industry. An talent that’s almost always going to draw a crowd and a face that’s almost always going to illicit a smile — even if its followed or preceded by sobbing.

(Side note: To address the second part of this question, Sandy does have an education under her belt. She attended East Carolina University but dropped out three credits short of a degree.)

Now, even as a Sandy Bullock fan, do I believe this Hollywood good will has done its part for her career? Absolutely. Do I feel her aforementioned Academy Award win for “The Blind Side” was due, in large part, to how well liked she is and not entirely based on the quality of the film? Yes.

Even in her acceptance speech, she joked, “Did I really earn this or did I just wear y’all down?”

But who cares! Don’t tell me you didn’t feel warm inside when Miss Congeniality got on that stage and accepted the Oscar in front of a standing ovation. Hollywood loves her.

In the end, Sandra Bullock continues to be what we as viewers and the industry at large wants from their stars. She has delivered quality movies for more than 20 years — and even when they aren’t top shelf, she makes the best of them — and she’s always ready for a challenge. She carried the weight of “Gravity,” one of the most technologically advanced movies in history, almost completely on her shoulders and turned in a performance that I personally think was more Oscar-worthy than “The Blind Side.” And next year, she’s going to show the men how it’s done by leading an all-female remake of “Ocean’s Eleven.”

So yes, to your original question, Sandra Bullock is a well-respected performer. And I’m happy to prove anyone wrong who disagrees.

And here are some numbers that help evaluate her career:

Want  to know more about Sandra Bullock and her movies? Here you go:

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