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How many people have been killed in accidents on the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge?

Ashley Morris

Q. How many people have been killed due to accidents (not suicides) on the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge?

A. NCDOT data show at least two people were killed in accidents on the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge.

A teen was killed in March 2012 when he was blown out of the back of a pickup truck.

Franklin Lee Crosby, 17, was riding on a mattress in the bed of a westbound pickup truck when a gust of wind blew away a mattress, box spring and Crosby, who was trying to hold them down as they were angled in the bed of the truck.

In December 2008 a crash on the bridge killed a pregnant mother of three. A man later charged with vehicular manslaughter was driving a flatbed truck east toward Wilmington when he changed lanes and crashed into an 18-wheeler. His truck swerved out of control, went over the guard rail and crashed into an SUV carrying Myia Shepard, 29, of Wilmington. Shepard was six-months pregnant at the time. Her 4-year-old son and boyfriend were hurt in the crash.

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One Response to “ How many people have been killed in accidents on the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge?”

  1. On May 13, 2016 at 11:56 pm Jason Tyson wrote:

    There was another fatality around 1985 or ’86 involving a Mr. Hewitt who’s vehicle was broken down on the bridge and he was sitting in it waiting for assistance when a commercial truck collided into the of his vehicle, which was a 2dr Mustang causing the fuel tank to explode upon impact. I don’t recall the exact date of the collision. The reason I am posting this is because I was the Investigating Officer with the Wilmington Police Department at the time, (since retired). I charged the person who was at fault in the collision with Misd. Death by Motor Vehicle, failing to reduce speed to avoid a collision, and Careless and Reckless Operation of a Motor Vehicle. He was subsequently convicted of Misdemeanor Death by Motor Vehicle and Failing to Reduce Speed to Avoid a Collision in Brunswick County District Court. Maybe to much information, but the two you listed to my collection were accurate, and this one is the only three that I am aware of since the Memorial Bridge was opened for traffic in the ’70s. Hope this is some added information for the record.

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