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Does CFPUA plan to add service to Bayshore? How could we get CFPUA to consider that?

Ken Little

Q. Are there plans to hook up Bayshore to city water? Could you also summarize the process a resident or neighborhood must take to get connected to Cape Fear Public Utility Authority water/sewer service?

A. Bayshore Estates “is an established neighborhood located on the tidal creeks of the Intracoastal Waterway (ICWW) on the outskirts of Wilmington,” according to a local Realtor website.

There aren’t any current plans at the present time to connect Bayshore Estates to CFPUA water, said Mike McGill, CFPUA spokesman.

McGill said that at a March 11 board of directors meeting, the board adopted Ordinance Appendix E, which sets forth the processes for petitions for service and related assessments.

“This is the process residents can use to petition CFPUA for consideration of service construction and connection,” McGill said.

Because of all that is involved in constructing services, including an assessment that would made by CFPUA to cover the costs, “it is an intentionally deliberate process, providing numerous checks and balances to make sure residents and CFPUA’s board are supportive of constructing services,” McGill said.

No petition is required if CFPUA alone, or in combination with other entities, bears the entire cost without assessment or if water and sewer improvements are determined to a necessity in the interest of public health, he said.

A presentation on the ordinance was made to the board prior to its passage.

Here’s a link to information about Ordinance E and the summary of steps required for connection and CFPUA assessment:

Appendix E: http://www.cfpua.org/DocumentCenter/View/7427

Appendix E, Petition for Service: Steps and References to Paragraphs in Appendix E, Sections 1 and 2 AND Assessment of Costs of Improvements: Steps and References to Paragraphs in Appendix E, Section 3;


The ordinance can also be reviewed on Page 85 of the agenda packet from the March 11 CFPUA board of directors meeting. Here’s the link: http://cfpua.iqm2.com/Citizens/FileOpen.aspx?Type=1&ID=1049&Inline=True

Anyone with specific questions about hooking up to CFPUA services can contact McGill at (910) 332-6704.

“I will gladly serve as the initial point of contact to set up a meeting between the residents and our engineering staff to discuss the petition process,” McGill said.

CFPUA began operations on July 1, 2008. When CFPUA began operations, the city of Wilmington and New Hanover County consolidated water and sewer service.


What are CFPUA’s plans for getting water and sewer to parts of unincorporated New Hanover County?

Why did CFPUA tear up Clear Run Drive when Cardinal Drive was impassable at times?



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