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Why is the recently repaved stretch of U.S. 117 between GE and Castle Hayne so rough?

Ken Little

Q. Why is the recently repaved stretch of U.S. 117 between the General Electric plant and Castle Hayne so rough? Is it caused by incomplete surface coverage?

A. The material that was placed on Castle Hayne Road is called Microsurfacing. It consists of stone, sand, liquid asphalt and other additives placed in a layer approximately three-eighths of an inch or less, said Wayne Currie, Division 3 resident engineer of the N.C. Department of Transportation.

“It is a hard-wearing surface treatment for pavement preservation and rehabilitation. It is used to fill ruts, seal cracks in older pavements,” Currie said.

The product currently on the road “is not quite finished.”

“Once everything is completed the roadway will be swept to remove the excess rock and sand and then it will be repainted,” Currie said.


On U.S. 117 about halfway between Castle Hayne and Rocky Point there’s an overpass over apparently nothing. What is it?

Does DOT plan to resurface I-40 between Wallace and Wilmington? If so, when?


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2 Responses to “ Why is the recently repaved stretch of U.S. 117 between GE and Castle Hayne so rough?”

  1. On October 6, 2014 at 9:56 am S. Anderson wrote:

    The new pavement on the Castle Hayne Road is FULL of cracks. Won’t these cracks hold water and then ice in cold weather creating a faster rate of pavement destruction with expansion? This new pavement is also extremely loud with tire noise. I hope the paint that is to be applied will work some miracle on this road.

  2. On January 8, 2015 at 3:24 pm robert wrote:

    The “surfacing” is meant to be a temporary fix so that more tax dollars can be used. They repainted all that section a few years ago. Then they go over it with a surface that will wear off in a year or two. They also have to take up reflectors and replace so that cost tax payers more. They do all this so they can repave it in another year or two. The way the state works with roads is the more they spend this year the more they an get next year. I’ve done jobs for state DOT and have been told I needed to find more things to charge DOT for because they have left over money they don’t want to give back to government. The amount of money wasted on our road systems is outrageous and the reason they just raised gas tax and “say” they are running out of transportation funds. When they are getting 37 cent per gallon tax!!!

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