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Why is land being cleared on 211 just west of the main entrance to St. James?

Jason Gonzales
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Q. What is the plan for the large parcel being cleared on the north side of N.C. 211 just west of the St. James main entrance/town hall area? They have been clearing vegetation and soil well back from 211 for months and then in the last couple weeks have started on the area closest to 211. Click here to view the area on Google Maps.

A. This answer originally appeared as a story in the StarNews:

People driving along N.C. 211 near St. James in Brunswick County have probably noticed land being cleared and smoke billowing from debris piles, but the work doesn’t mean development is imminent.

Owner Malcolm Jones is clearing the land to mine dirt to be used for the Long Beach Road Extension project, according to Pete Frandano, a Southport real estate consultant.

Jones is a Florida-based home builder who specializes in estate housing. There are no permits to build on the land, and permits aren’t needed to burn debris, according to Brunswick County spokeswoman Amanda Hutcheson.

The Long Beach Road Extension, a connector under construction to relieve congestion between Southport and Oak Island, needs the dirt for an embankment along the new road, according to Anthony Law, an N.C. Department of Transportation district engineer. A borrow pit is located at the back of the land.

Once the connector is completed, the new road will branch off from Long Beach Road near the Surf Cinemas movie theater, cross N.C. 211 west of the existing intersection and then continue to N.C. 87 near the N.C. 87/133 split.

The total cost of the project is estimated to be about $22 million, and its estimated completion date is May 2016.

The intersection of N.C. 133 and U.S. 87 at the Sunny Point Military Ocean Terminal entrance was realigned as part of the project.


Why are they clearing land on the northwest corner of I-140 and U.S. 17?

Why was the road changed at the intersection of N.C. highways 133 and 87 at Sunny Point?


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