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What happened to the local radio station The Bone? It is no longer on 103.7 FM.

Hunter Ingram

Various readers asked us what happened to 103.7 The Bone, the radio station, and why Port City Radio was shifted to 103.7 FM.

The answer:

Classic rock fans may have felt a void in the past couple of months as Hometown Wilmington Media implemented programming changes to its radio lineup. The media group, which used to operate 103.7 The Bone, the area’s classic rock station, recently decided to drop the classic rock format.

In light of the change, 103.7 FM  is now occupied by Port City Radio, a relatively new station that offers on-air news updates with the assistance of the group’s online news source, Port City Daily.

Aimee Bowen, program director and morning show host for Port City Radio, said that the changes comes as the group aims to boost its Port City brand.

“We launched Port City Radio about a year ago and the company decided to have Port City Daily and Port City Radio work in tandem and create a larger footprint,” she said.

But those missing The Morning Disaster with Bryan and Jim that ran weekdays on The Bone can still hear one half of the duo throughout their workday. Jim Whitmeyer is now the co-host of Jim and Linda Mornings on The Dude, a country music-focused station which simulcasts on 93.7 and 106.3 FM, and the mid-day host of Port City Radio, which also broadcasts on 1180 AM.

Bowen gave us an overview of the changes at Hometown Wilmington Media. She says:

Port City Radio was on 95.9FM and 1180AM.

Our ownership decided to discontinue the rock format of 103.7, The Bone.

95.9FM (which is an FM translator) was acquired by the local ESPN affiliate, and Port City Radio ceased transmission on that frequency.

Port City Radio’s broadcast coverage area was upgraded by simulcasting on 103.7 WBNE (which covers the tri-county area much better than 95.9 so we can better serve our region with local and national news) and continues to simulcast on 1180AM WLTT.


Are there any radio stations in the area that play “oldies” songs from the 60s and 70s?

Why do Jacksonville radio stations have the artist and song on my car’s digital display but none in Wilmington have this?

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2 Responses to “ What happened to the local radio station The Bone? It is no longer on 103.7 FM.”

  1. On February 1, 2015 at 12:33 am Buddy Lewis wrote:

    I listened to station 103.7 FM only to hear “The Bible Forum” on Sunday night.

  2. On February 4, 2015 at 2:46 pm Si Cantwell wrote:

    Here’s what Port City Daily said about the change:

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