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What is the New Hanover County schools policy on athletes switching schools?

Eric Detweiler

The short answer: Athletes are just like everybody else.

“Bottom-line, athletics doesn’t factor into a decision to grant a transfer or not grant a transfer,” deputy superintendent Rick Holliday said.

Through open choice, students — athletes or not — can apply to attend any of the four public high schools. Transfers are granted based on availability in that given grade. If applications outnumber the openings, a blind draw determines the spots.

Athletes who make a physical move in their residence between attendance zones can transfer, but they are never allowed to compete in the same sport for two different schools in the same season. Transfers can also be granted based on hardship, but athletics wouldn’t be considered as a reason, Holliday said.

More info on the district’s policy can be found in this StarNews article from May 2012.

The original question also mentioned recruiting. The NCHSAA outlines a specific policy that prohibits recruiting by any coach at its member schools. The passage in the handbook specifically mentions five categories of tactics that could constitute recruitment. (It should be noted the burden of proof in allegations of recruiting fall on the accuser.)

Holliday said New Hanover County also has a rule that protects middle school students, keeping coaches from initiating contact with eighth graders during the school year.


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