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When did an airplane have an accident on Shipyard Boulevard?

Gail Calloway

Q. When did an airplane have an accident on Shipyard Blvd.?  They closed off Shiplyard Blvd. for planes to land, some sort of air show.

A. Monday, Nov. 24, 1975, conditions weren’t the best for a plane flying in our area.

A Mr. Falcon was flying his single-engine Cessna from Newport News, Va., to his hometown of Armand Beach, Fla. The fog was so thick that he could not find the county airport. Running low on gas, he landed in a field on the south side of New Hanover Hospital.

According to FAA reports there was no damage so he gassed up to continue his flight home. Just before noon, a one-mile stretch of Shipyard Boulevard between 17th Street and Carolina Beach Road, was cleared and closed down by police officers. Mr. Falcon took off and continue on his way.


What happened to the plane that crashed near Bolivia on June 18, 1965?

On the side of the WWII fighter plane recovered in the Green Swamp is written LaScola Chief. Who was LaScola Chief?


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One Response to “ When did an airplane have an accident on Shipyard Boulevard?”

  1. On November 21, 2013 at 6:06 pm Ted Stone wrote:

    Your facts are wrong. The cessna 150 landed in a field next to S17th street.The owner did not fly the plane out. Police Captain Dave Turner flew it to NH Airport.Then the owner left with the plane.

    The Shipyard Aircraft incident was a different occasion. EAA Chapter 297 had made arrangements with Long Leaf Mall association to put on an aircraft display for a week end. The power co. Took down some power lines across Shipyard Blvd. Between 17th and the entrance to Pine valley .We had 8 to 10 planes fly in facing the early morning sun. Tom Callender and Don Hobbs were flying a Navion that landed and on roll out the right wing clipped a small tree.that destroyed the wing.So we had a damaged plane also on display along with the other planes.We flew the planes back out on early Sunday morning.

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