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My water pressure seems to be getting weaker. What can I do?

Ashley Withers


Q. I would be interested in having you find out and report what the average time it would take to get two gallons of water from my faucet assuming what the CFPUA thinks the water pressure should be along Robert E. Lee Drive. Our water pressure is getting worse each year as they add more service users in the area and do not add any more water tanks. I was wondering if there is a new water tower planned for the new area along 17th Street.

A. The Cape Fear Public Utility Authority meets American Water Works Association standards, according to authority spokesman Mike McGill.

Those standards require that the standard flow for a residential property at the property’s water meter should be 10 gallons a minute.

“We have looked into the Robert E. Lee Drive area and have not received a similar compliant from any other customer living on the street. Given the customer’s question, the issue is likely to be one involving circumstances unique to this particular property or in this home,” McGill said. “We will be glad to send our staff to the home to investigate the matter for the customer.”

McGill can be reached at (910) 332-6704 to set up the appointment.


Can I disconnect from CFPUA and use my own well and septic tank?

Who is the new CFPUA public information officer?

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One Response to “ My water pressure seems to be getting weaker. What can I do?”

  1. On November 23, 2013 at 9:49 pm Marshall D Thompson wrote:

    I live in Pine Valley and our water pressure was next to nil. We had to run around in the shower to get wet. We learned that the water line from the street into our house was galvanized pipe. That is what they used 30 years ago when city water and sewer were brought into the neighborhood. We had this water line replaced and saw that this galvanized pipe was so occluded that you could barely see through the center. Now the water pressure is what would be expected.

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