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How come none of the local news stations or any newspapers ever give JV sports any recognition?

Dan Spears

Hoggard High School (in white) hosted Ashley in girls lacrosse on April 24, 2012. The StarNews covers 91 varsity sports programs during the spring season. StarNews photo by Matt Born.
Star News photo by Matt Born


Thanks for your question about junior varsity sports. While I cannot speak for anyone outside the StarNews, here are the reasons our organization has minimal coverage of those events.

First, the sheer number of teams that would be added to our coverage would be incredibly daunting. For example, for the spring high school season in New Hanover, Pender and Brunswick counties, we have 91 varsity programs across nine sports. For each, there is the potential to receive phone calls for our daily roundup, feature ideas, game coverage and playoffs. Imagine doubling that. The amount of coverage we would be able to give teams would be minimal at best.

Second, over the years, I have found that while there are several JV coaches and teams that do a good job of being organized and having statistics, etc., a grand majority do not. Over my nearly two decades of covering high school athletics, I have only tried to cover JV sports once. It turned out to be a disaster.

Third, junior varsity sports do not compete for any sort of official titles. While some local sports compete for county championships, anything beyond that point is unofficial, including any sort of “conference championship.” The state high school association does not recognize any junior varsity champion and there is no playoff system for them either.

Now, all of that doesn’t mean we’ll never do anything on JV sports. We have, in the past, done a photo gallery from a county basketball championship game or from a big event, or written a feature story on a deserving student. But those factors above paint an honest picture of why we do things the way we do.

I hope that helps explain things. Thanks for reading the StarNews, and don’t hesitate to contact me directly if you have any other questions or concerns.

Dan Spears is sports editor of the StarNews and StarNewsOnline.com. You can email him at dan.spears@starnewsonline.com.


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