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Why are there no ‘park’ items in Nunalee Park?

Julian March

The memorial marker at Nunalee Park. Staff photo.

Q. Why are there no ‘park’ related items in the park off 17th Street in memorial of the fallen police officer? A picnic table or gazebo would be nice. It’s offensive to name a park after a fallen officer and basically it’s just a square plot of land.

A. The city of Wilmington park you are referring to is Nunalee Park at 416 S. 17th St.

The park includes open space, two picnic tables, a grill, a trash can and a stone bench. It is also maintained by city mowing and maintenance crews.

“The park really serves as green space for the neighborhood,” said Amy Beatty, the city’s superintendent for recreation and downtown services. She said the amenities in the park are in keeping with its size and nature.

She has never been asked about adding additional amenities at the park. She said the city likely would not add them because the park is within walking distance to two larger parks: Wallace Park to the east and Robert Strange Park to the west.

“I think the area is well served with both passive and active recreation amenities,” she said.

The park is in memory of James W. Nunalee, a 24-year-old Wilmington police officer shot and killed in the line of duty on April 4, 1978. A stone marker erected at the park in 1984 by Friends of the Wilmington Police Department commemorates Nunalee’s memory.


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Julian March


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One Response to “ Why are there no ‘park’ items in Nunalee Park?”

  1. On August 17, 2013 at 3:30 pm timothy nunalee wrote:

    What a huge disappointment for our family. To say all that he was worth was a “green area for the community.” What about his family and friends. The park is in a high crime area in the city. Why couldn’t it have been placed somewhere that we could visit and feel safe!

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