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When will work on the Alderman Park Preserve (Rehder Garden) be completed?

Julian March

Stanley Rehder stands in the nature preserve behind Alderman Elementary School on June 06, 2006. Staff photo by KEN BLEVINS.

Q. When will work on the Alderman Park Preserve be completed? A grant was awarded for work in 2010, but work does not appear to be completed.

A.  The work should be completed by January 2013.

The city entered into an agreement with the N.C. Coastal Land Trust last year to implement phase one for the Alderman Preserve.

The first phase includes a temporary parking area, a pathway to the carnivorous garden, two observation platforms and signs.

The city opened construction bids for that project in August and are now preparing to award the contract this month, said Amy Beatty, the city’s parks and recreation superintendent.

Once the contract is awarded, the work must be completed within 105 days.

Beatty said the project was slowed by having so many partners. The Coastal Land Trust has a conservation easement on the property, which is owned by the Oleander Company. The city negotiated with those entities, as well as the New Hanover County Schools because of nearby Alderman Elementary School. It took time to develop leases and negotiate the easement, Beatty said.

The second phase of the project is scheduled to be started in 2016 and is included in the city’s 5-year capital improvement plan. Beatty plans to move the main entrance to the eastern side of the property in that phase.

The project’s total cost is $250,000. The city received a $75,000 grant from the state to help build it. The park is home to protected plant species such as Venus’ flytrap, pitcher plant and wild orchids.

In April 2012, the park was renamed the Stanley Rehder Carnivorous Plant Garden in honor of Stanley Rehder, champion of Venus’ flytraps and other carnivorous or interesting plant species. He died on Oct. 1, 2012.


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