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Does the Jetport have to let Ospreys do training exercises near Oak Island?

Question: I live on Oak Island. Recently the local airport lengthened its runway to accomodate private jets although I don’t think anyone on OI owns one. Recently there seems a tremendous increase in the number of military ‘

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Ospreys’ doing ‘touch and go landings’ although they seem to perch for a while. It is becoming common place to have the house vibrate from the engines of these brutes. What is going on here? Are they paying anything to use KSUT? Is it mandatory that any airport that suits them indulge them? Does AF-1 pay to do touch and goes at Wilmington International? Are we becoming Military Base OI (they already do exercises here with their own control tower)? Generally you can draw lines along runways and buy a house that is away from those lines. The Ospreys can go anywhere. Okinawa citizens are opposed to them and I can see why. Is OI prepared to deal with one of these suckers crashing?

According to Cape Fear Regional Jet Port Director Howard Franklin, the Ospreys that fly at the airport are flown by Marines participating in required flight training, with which airports must comply.

The training schedule rotates, using other regional airports, as well.

“They’ve had complaints because it’s such a loud, noisy airplane,” Franklin said. “I talked to the Marines recently, and they have modified their flight pattern to make less noise.

“We understand that it can be distracting, but they’re doing their best to modify their patterns” while also completing the mandatory training, Franklin said.

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3 Responses to “ Does the Jetport have to let Ospreys do training exercises near Oak Island?”

  1. On October 15, 2012 at 2:00 pm Elizabeth J. Dilley wrote:

    As a steady reader, I enjoy your column, but feel the need to respond to this inquiry. As a resident of Holden Beach, I frequently experience various military jets and helicopters flying over the island. Although they can be noisy, and often cause my house to shake, I’m just thankful that they’re OUR military. A little noise and some shaking seems a small price to pay for the freedoms we enjoy in this country.

  2. On March 13, 2013 at 7:57 am Alex wrote:

    Enjoy the Sounds of Freedom. Please check your facts as well, the Osprey is actually a very very safe airframe. Unfortunately in the early test flights, just like every other airframe in history, some crashed, and due to passenger capacity, there is a large loss of life. Just check out the crash record and recent crashes of every military airframe currently in use.

    If you don’t like the local airport being used by the military, MOVE to another country!

  3. On March 28, 2013 at 6:45 pm alex bakan wrote:

    i live at the jetport in oak island,Why must the ospray come at 430 to800 why dont tne come in the morning when everyone ‘s at work?

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