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Why do local TV stations offer only one secondary channel, and will MeTV network be available?

Mike Voorheis


Question 1: Why do Wilmington TV stations only offer one or no secondary channels when TV stations elsewhere are broadcasting up to three additional channels and have many more over the air networks like MeTV or AntennaTV, which we can’t get here?

Question 2: Does Time Warner Cable or our local TV stations plan to carry the MeTV network (Memorable Entertainment Television) anytime soon? It is available on Time Warner Cable in Myrtle Beach,SC and Jacksonville, NC but not here.

A: MeTV is available to purchase much like syndicated programming, said Keith Poston, director of communications at Time Warner Cable. Local TV stations could broadcast a MeTV station, but none of the Wilmington stations have chosen to. MeTV offers classic TV shows such as “The Rockford Files,” “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” “Cheers” and “The Honeymooners.”

Three of the four Wilmington stations offer one additional channel. WECT offers Bounce, WSFX offers This TV, and WWAY has RTV. All have contracts with those providers. WILM has no plans to add additional channels.

Julie Tames, general manager of WSFX, said bandwidth limitations and return on investment are two things to consider when adding channels.


Now that all regular TV stations are broadcasting in HD, why doesn’t cable TV move the HD versions down to the low end of the cable line-up?

Are cable companies allowed to remove channels without notifying customers?

Can the StarNews TV Listings include the local listings for RTV, Bounce and This TV?

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