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How much are Carolina, Kure and Wrightsville beaches’ council members paid?

Shannan Bowen
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Beach town elected officials are paid differently, according to municipality.

In Carolina Beach, the mayor makes $8,400 annually; the mayor pro-tem makes $7,800 annually; and other council members receive $7,200 this fiscal year. Also, each council member receives an auto allowance of $3,000 per year as part of the taxable income, according to the town’s finance director.

Wrightsville Beach’s mayor receives $7,800, and the aldermen receive $6,600.

Kure Beach’s mayor and council members decided to forgo any stipends this fiscal year but could decide to accept payment again next fiscal year, which begins July 1, 2012. Last year, the mayor received $3,600 annually, and council members received $2,400.

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