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Did the Biltmore Dairy Bar give rewards to customers who could eat all of a huge dessert?

Jim Ware

Reader Richard explains the question he submitted:

“Background: Today I saw this post on Facebook: I remember the Biltmore Dairy Bar … they had a pig’s dinner … or something huge like a banana split and if you ate it all you got a ribbon or pin or something like that … don’t remember if I ever got the prize!”

“My response was: I could be wrong, but it seems to me they gave a ‘wooden nickel’ that said something to the effect, that ‘I ate a pig’s dinner at Biltmore Dairy Bar.’ but that might be 100% wrong.”

“So, I guess the question – which might be impossible even for MyReporter.com to answer – is, in the 1950s did the Biltmore Dairy Bar at 17th and Dawson streets give any ‘rewards’ to customers who could eat all of a huge dessert (perhaps one dubbed a ‘Pig’s Dinner’) and, if so, did they give a prize (a wooden nickel, a free pig’s dinner, a gift certificate or whatever)?

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5 Responses to “ Did the Biltmore Dairy Bar give rewards to customers who could eat all of a huge dessert?”

  1. On February 15, 2012 at 11:00 am Si Cantwell wrote:

    I’m a staffer at the StarNews.
    Jeanette Harris called to say that the dish was called a “pig’s trough.”
    It was a big banana split, with four scoops of ice cream — any flavor you wanted — strawberry, pineapple and chocolate toppings, Cool Whip and a cherry on top.
    Customers could add or take off ingredients as they wished.
    And she says no, there was no reward for eating the whole thing.
    She worked there in 1954 or 1955.
    She said the location at 17th and Dawson was where Chris’s Restaurant is now, and there was a second, smaller location at Hanover Center, between Rose’s and Colonial grocery store.

  2. On February 15, 2012 at 4:53 pm Bob Cantwell wrote:

    Yes, he has it just right. The Pig’s Dinner was served in a wooden trough, and if you finished it you got a badge that said so. As I recall the badge was a wooden disk with a pin on the back, so you could proudly wear the symbol of your gluttony.

  3. On January 24, 2015 at 9:01 pm jonnye flora pierce wrote:

    it was called a ‘Pig’s Dinner,and had 13 scoops of different flavors of ice cream.Pineapple, bananas, chocolate syrup, whipped cream and a cherry on the TOP !!!! Believe me, I know. I ate three in one summer afternoon. I was twelve,so this would have been in 1954. Another location was on the right side of Carolina Beach road near Sunset Park.and down from Legion Stadium towards the beach.The One where Chris’ is was next to Knight photto.
    Yes, they did give a prize.

  4. On January 26, 2015 at 4:09 pm Si Cantwell wrote:

    If you ate three of them in one afternoon, I can see how that would be an unforgettable experience! Thanks for sharing.

  5. On September 27, 2016 at 4:01 pm Joe Buckner wrote:

    Yes a badge and wooden Nicole. I was a curb hop at Marion NC location and prepared and served many of them Joe Bruckner

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