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Why does StarNewsOnline spread news articles over 2 or more Web pages?

Robyn Tomlin

All of the news and information that is published on StarNewsOnline each day is provided to the community at no charge, thanks to the advertisements that local and national businesses and organizations place on the site for our readers.

We are able to provide this service because we get paid based on the number of views that each ad gets or by the number of times that our users click on the ads. Obviously the more pages that readers view, the more ads they are able to see. Each time you click through the pages on an article, new ads are served, which increases our ability to pay for the cost of producing that story.

Many other news organizations, including the New York Times, Washington Post and hundreds of others, use the same technique.

If it is frustrating for you, you can click on the “View One Page” link at the top of each page, to avoid having to click to turn the pages in each article.

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