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Whatever happened to the zombie movie that was filmed downtown a few years ago?

Amy Hotz
Dead Heist Japanese poster

The Japanese poster for 'Dead Heist,' which was retitled 'Dead Bank' in Japan. (Courtesy Anghus Houvouras)

The StarNews caught up with the writer of “Dead Heist,” Wilmington resident Anghus Houvouras, and asked him to give an update on the film.

Houvouras said: “‘Dead Heist’ was a film I wrote in 2004, an homage to the 1970s mixing blacksploitation and the living dead. A lot has happened with ‘Dead Heist.’ After filming in 2005, the film was released on DVD in 2007 here in the United States and has been a regular late-night staple on Showtime. The movie also went international, being released in a number of countries. My favorite was the Japanese DVD release which renamed the film “Bank of the Dead.” I don’t know if I could legitimately say the movie has amassed a cult following, but I’ve gotten some downright insane emails from fans of the film from as far away as Germany and South Korea.”

The Wachovia Bank building on North Front Street in Wilmington, which is now gone, played a big part in the film. Other locations included the Crazy Horse club at 5671 Market St., Wilmington [Map this], and Tommy’s Mini Mart, 3280 Mount Misery Road NE, Leland [Map this].

The cast of the zombie flick included Big Daddy Kane, D.J. Naylor, E-40, T-Love and Bonecrusher. Among the local celebs in the film were Zach Hanner, Cullen Moss and Charlie Lucas. It was co-written, directed and edited by Bo Webb. Eric Tomosunas also wrote for the movie. David Eubanks and James Register produced the film, and cinematography was by Patrick Borowiak and Matt Malloy.

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  1. On May 7, 2011 at 2:40 pm BigBlue wrote:

    This movie is also on netflix instant

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