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Does AT&T plan to offer U-verse or upgrade its Internet speed anytime soon?

Ken Little

AT&T U-verse is an integrated bundle of services from AT&T including TV, high-speed Internet and home phone.

“We’re continually investing in our network to provide the best service possible in North Carolina. However, we do not currently plan to expand U-verse to Wilmington,” AT&T spokesman Josh Gelinas said.

Gelinas said the website http://www.att.com/u-verse/# allows potential customers to enter their address to check on where and when AT&T plans http://www.att.com/u-verse/shop/index.jsp#fbid=hQq5whIWA75 expansion.

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6 Responses to “ Does AT&T plan to offer U-verse or upgrade its Internet speed anytime soon?”

  1. On April 10, 2011 at 8:12 pm Anthony Pursley wrote:

    Can somebody here to answer my question why was my 6.0 cut speed in half 6.5 Cents when I first signed up for it in 2004? Now it’s 4.8 I was told this because In this happens everywhere this new service is rolled out AT&T UAnd-U VERSE I guess we don’t have it here yet so why the spreed was cut can somebody answer this? The $ price wasn’t cut
    I guess is the rethink possible.

  2. On April 11, 2011 at 1:52 pm HD wrote:

    I also pay for ATT’s 6.0 speed and only get about 4.5. The problem is ATT keeps adding business addresses to residential servers and the outdated technology cannot handle all the traffic. DSL is still using copper lines installed some 30 years ago with few upgrades. I had to call them a total of 8 times before they finally changed me to a faster connection. They had added a dealership on my server which was sucking up all the bandwidth and speed. Lately they don’t really seem to care about their residential users. Brunswick and Columbus county is
    getting fiber to the home connections through a major upgrade by ATMC and can expect speeds up to 12.0
    Both Time Warner and ATT do not plan to offer higher speeds until Wilmington sees Verizon Fios, then ATT will launch U-Verse and TWC will offer their next generation speeds. It is a shame the rural counties now will surpass Wilmington in better internet speeds, connections, and bandwidth through fiber optic lines directly to the homes instead of old copper wiring. So we will have to sit back and wait , pay for speeds we don’t get, and pray for Verizon to shake up the market with FIOS still years away. And to think Corning makes the fiber right down the road.

  3. On February 24, 2012 at 5:33 pm John Philips wrote:

    AT&T U-verse internet is now available in select areas around Wilmington. Looks like it is only available in areas adjacent to their central offices, but VRADs, the equipment necessary to offer the services more widespread are showing up as well, so more coverage should be soon. If you put this address (515 PRINCESS ST, WILM, NC 28401) in their “is service available” tool it shows that U-verse internet is available. This address is within 2 blocks of the 4th st central office (CO) so looks like they are offering only within range of the CO itself. As the VRADs are activated then coverage area will grow. Since TV takes a lot of bandwidth (fiber) coming into the market, I have heard that they are activating internet services and then adding TV later. Maybe a call from on of the Star News reporters to follow-up with AT&T will get some more details on what is coming when.

  4. On April 24, 2012 at 10:17 am John Philips wrote:

    We will NOT be getting Fios in Wilmington. The incumbent LEC in Wilmington was BellSouth which is now part of AT&T. There is only one Incumbent LEC per area and thus Verizon would never come to Wilmington and provide a facility-based service like Fios as starting from scratch to build the network would be cost prohibitive.

    This being said Wilmington does have Wideband available from Time Warner which offers speeds up to 100M (but expensive) and U-verse is available but very limited as to where you can get it at this time. You can get speeds up to 15-20M if not too far from central office.

    If want more than 4M and have access to Time Warners regular service (Road Runner), you can get substantially faster service (7-15M) for about $50 per month.

  5. On January 14, 2014 at 8:55 am Wayne wrote:

    In my neighborhood, Shinn Creek Road, Wilmington, NC they are digging holes uncovering buried telephones cables. Is this for ATT U-verse installation? When will the open pits be filled in? Will the landscaping be replaced over the holes?

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