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Where does the money for NHRMC CEO Jack Barto’s salary come from?

Vicky Eckenrode
Jack Barto

Jack Barto, CEO of New Hanover Regional Medical Center. (StarNews file photo)

New Hanover Regional Medical Center spokeswoman Erin Balzotti said the hospital’s operations are self-sufficient.

“…so employee salaries, including that of the CEO, come from the hospital’s operations budget,” she said.

She added that New Hanover Regional does not receive local tax support. Like other health providers, it does receive government funding for treating Medicare and Medicaid patients.

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2 Responses to “ Where does the money for NHRMC CEO Jack Barto’s salary come from?”

  1. On March 21, 2011 at 4:35 pm The Wilmington Watcher wrote:

    Self-sufficient? Whew! Good to know. I’ll feel better next time I’m charged $432.16 for an aspirin knowing Barto’s $700,000 salary comes from “hospital operations”.

  2. On March 27, 2011 at 6:15 pm Joe Smith wrote:

    The NH County ABC operation was also arrogantly self-sufficient (and like NHRMC, a monopoly) and was investigated and found to be corrupt with criminal actions in several areas of their operation. I supposed Wilmington Industrial Development also justifies paying their administrator excessively (over $300,000 per year) because they are self-sufficient (though awarded non-competitive county and city contracts using taxpayer provided funds). These are the actions of our unique culture of rule by aristocrats, and not of public employees working for taxpayers (with government-worker benefits and pensions of course). You want to be paid like a CEO? Be a CEO of a publicly traded hospital, and compete in the market for patients, employees, and services. The ABC guy insisted, and the aristocrats insisted, that his $300K+ salary and $200,000 pension were required to retain him. Once disgraced and indicted, they hired someone happy to get the $110K the job truly calls for. Wonder how much we overpay the self sufficient Mr. Barto?

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