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What can you tell me about Capt. Ben’s restaurant?

Amy Hotz

The questioner thought the restaurant was in the 3700 block of Carolina Beach Road, Wilmington [Map this].

I could find no restaurant named “Capt. Ben’s” on Carolina Beach Road

However, I did find a Capt. Ben’s on Market Street in the 1949 and 1950 telephone books. Those old books do not have the street numbers listed, only the street names. It’s telephone number, for what it’s worth, was 3-2558. Which shows you just how small Wilmington was back then.

If anyone has more information on this restaurant, or on a Capt. Ben’s restaurant on Carolina Beach Road, please let us know.

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Bill Turner

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4 Responses to “ What can you tell me about Capt. Ben’s restaurant?”

  1. On January 4, 2011 at 3:30 pm Tom wrote:

    Capt. Bens was located on Market Street on the right side of the road going toward Hampstead. It was just past the Eastwood Market St. intersection. It was run by Ben Wagamon and his wife, Cora. They had delicious fried chicken. Our family would ride “out there” in the late 40s, early 50s and get fried chicken take out. Capt. Ben died in 1951 and Cora died in 1973. I have never heard of a Capt. Ben’s on Carolina Beach Rd.

  2. On January 14, 2011 at 3:50 pm Amy Hotz wrote:

    I have recieved two phone calls and an e-mail about Capt. Ben’s since this posted.
    Ken Davis wrote this: “Captain Ben’s was located about 3 1/2 miles from Greenfield Park on the west side of Carolina Beach Road. It was a road house prior to 1944 when J.K. “Bill” Davis purchased the property from Benjamin Landis Wagomon. He renovated the property and named it Jo’s Club. It was a supper club with featured bands on Saturday night . . . I do believe that Mr. Wagomon did open another business on Market Street.”
    Also, John Simms called to say he knew of a Capt. Ben Sherman’s Oyster Roast near Greenville Sound and Masonboro Sound. He said Sherman operated the restaurant in the 1930s and 1940s. Then, his son Emery and widow Mary operated it as Emery’s restaurant in the 1950s.
    I haven’t done any research to confirm this yet.
    Does anyone remember that restaurant?

  3. On January 15, 2011 at 7:12 pm Bill Turner, wrote:

    Good news, I talked to to the late Berry Williams before he Died. I new he lived near by. I asked him if he knew where it was. He said he could do better than that. He said he bought the property form Wagoman and Built his house there..3720 Carolina Beach Rd. If you go to Gogle Earth and search for 3720 Carolina Beach Rd. and then go to the 1993 Photo and it is right on Berry’s House. I have eaten there several times and Ben would come out from the Kitchen and go around and talk. Good Seafood. Big Plates. No one left hungry.. I also went there for Lunch sometime when I worked in that area. I think it Burned..Bill

  4. On January 15, 2011 at 8:12 pm Bill wrote:

    I remember Emery’s But not much else. Also Margaret’s Seafood across from Emery’s.

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