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Is there anywhere in the Wilmington area to buy local honey?

Jim Ware

When looking to buy local honey, there are several options in the Cape Fear Area. A good place to start is one of the local farmer’s markets. Farmer’s markets are usually open from spring through fall and offer a wide variety of fresh goodies from local farms such as eggs, bread, jams, honey and flowers.

The Riverfront Farmers’ Market, a curbside market in Downtown Wilmington along the Cape Fear River. This market features local farmers, producers, artists and crafters. Products often include fresh vegetables, fruits and berries, herbs, flowers, plants, eggs, cheeses, farm raised meats, seafood, honey, baked goods and confections, legumes, pickled items, jams & jellies, arts & crafts, and more. The Riverfront Farmers’ Market is located on N. Water Street in Historic Downtown Wilmington along the Cape Fear River. It is open Saturdays through Dec. 18, 2010.

Another option for fresh, local honey is The Farmers’ Market at Poplar Grove, held each Wednesday from 8 a.m.-1 p.m., April thru December. Poplar Grove’s market features local, all North Carolina grown and handmade products such as local seafood, fresh cut flowers, goat cheese, farm-raised beef and goat meats, fresh vegetables and produce, organic produce and blueberries, landscape and bedding plants, fresh-cut herbs, handmade unique arts and crafts, honey, fresh fruits and berries, and more. Poplar Grove Historic Plantation is located on highway 17 north, between Wilmington and Hampstead at Scotts Hill.

The farmers market at Carolina Beach was recently moved to a location near the marina and extended through Dec. 18.

Silver Spoon Apiaries, Inc. sells honey and other hive products produced through natural beekeeping methods, features its products at both local Farmer’s Markets in Wilmington. They also sell bees and beekeeping equipment and supplies and have hives throughout Pender, New Hanover, and Brunswick counties. The honey products they offer include extracted honey, honey in the comb, comb honey, and creamed honey. Their honey products are offered by Natures Way Farm at both the Riverfront Farmers Market & Pender County Farmers Market at Poplar Grove Plantation.

The Tidal Creek Co-op, a full service grocery store, offers a wide selection of local products, including a large organic produce department. Local goods include produce when available, goat cheeses, honey, granola and chocolate.

— Brandy Swart

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2 Responses to “ Is there anywhere in the Wilmington area to buy local honey?”

  1. On November 4, 2010 at 12:17 pm Amy Hotz wrote:

    I believe Eagle Island Produce & Seafood usually has a few jars. Sonny Rowe’s produce stand just outside Burgaw might have some jars once in awhile, too.

  2. On September 9, 2014 at 4:14 pm Don Stanley wrote:

    I am a local beekeeper in Newhanover co. Wilmington nc. I sell only pure honey,straight from the hive. Filtered 3 times through fine mesh. I never heat my honey , all pure natural raw local honey. I write this to help the public understand how much we are all fooled by the sale and marketing of honey in the US. Only 3%of the honey consumed in the US is produced in the US. Most all honey comes from other countries.there are no laws governing the definition of pure honey. Most people have never tasted pure honey. Have you ever heard the term adulterated honey? Most of us have but have never looked up the definition. Local honey has very distinct color changes threw out the year. Spring honey is very light, fall honey is very dark. Ever notice that the honey you buy at the store is all the same color? The answer to that is it’s mostly corn surp.the road side stands say local honey, but if you ask, they may say it came from a bottling plant in NC. Well you never think to ask where did they get it from. Most likely off a ship from a forien country.remember I said only 3% of the honey consumed in the US comes from the US. Always try to buy directly from a local beekeeper you can trust. Just because it says local,or says pure honey doesn’t mean you can trust the jar label. You could be buying a jar of corn surp that is labeled pure honey. Unfortunately there are no laws that will clarify the definition of what is pure honey. I wish more news people would do there homework before telling you where you can buy your local honey,when even they are fooled. Don Stanley, Golden, Rd. Honey. Golden Rd Wilmington NC.

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