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Which boards and commissions are appointed by the New Hanover County commissioners? How much county funding do they receive?

Chris Mazzolini

The New Hanover County website lists 36 boards and commissions that the county oversees. Some of these boards receive direct county funding, but many do not. Some of these boards are part of organizations that receive some money from the county, though that money is not directly used for the board.

Here is a list with funding from the current budget year:

Adult Care Home Community Advisory Committee (no county funding)

Airlie Gardens Foundation Board of Directors (No county funding)

Airport Authority (No county funding)

Alcoholic Beverage Control (five board members receive $150 per meeting. However, the money comes from ABC profits, not county coffers)

Cape Fear Community College Board of Trustees (no county funding)

Cape Fear Public Utility Authority (board members making monthly stipend, but paid by utility, not county)

Cape Fear Public Transportation Authority (no county funding)

Commission for Women (no county funding, dissolved)

Cooperative Extension Advisory Council (refreshments for meetings estimated at $150 per year)

Criminal Justice Partnership Advisory Board (no county funding)

Board of Examiners of Electricians (no county funding)

Board of Elections (Chairman is paid $4,020; other two board members make $2,500 each. The county also is spending $3,141 on training)

Board of Fire Commissioners ($1,000 for copies, advertisements and meals. $3,000 for training and travel. Board now dissolved)

Board of Health (no county funding)

Industrial Facilities and Pollution Control Financing Authority (no county funding)

Inspections Department Advisory Council (no county funding)

Jury Commission (no county funding)

Juvenile Crime Prevention Council (no county funding)

Library Advisory Board (no county funding)

Lower Cape Fear Water and Sewer Authority (no county funding)

Board of Mechanical Examiners (no county funding)

Cape Fear Museum Advisory Board (no county funding)

New Hanover Regional Medical Center Board of Trustees (no county funding)

Nursing Home Community Advisory Board (no county funding)

Parks and Recreation Advisory Board ($2,500)

Planning Board (seven members paid $20 per meeting)

Plumbing Board of Examiners (no county funding)

Port, Waterway & Beach Commission (no county funding this year)

Risk Management Advisory Committee (no county funding)

Board of Social Services ($3,730 budgeted for travel, supplies and attending meetings. All expenditures except for supplies are reimbursed 50 percent by state)

Solid Waste Advisory Board (no funding, not active right now)

Southeastern Economic Development Commission (no county funding)

Special Board of Equalization and Review ($500 to cover meals and snacks)

Tourism Development Authority (no county funding)

Youth Empowerment Services Advisory Board (no county funding)

Zoning Board of Adjustment (five members paid $20 per meeting)

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