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Who sang the song ‘Carolina Beach’ and how can I get the lyrics?

Jim Ware

Reader Tina Rhodes Perry wrote to MyReporter.com with this question: “Back in the late ’60s there was a song called ‘Carolina Beach.’ Can you tell me who sang it and how I can get all the lyrics? The chorus has been stuck in my head for 40 years.”

So far we haven’t been able to answer her question, but we had the feeling other readers would remember the song and might be able to help Perry end her 40 years of torment.

So, if you know who sang the song and/or where she can get the lyrics, please post a comment below. Thanks!

MP4 – Carolina Beach-Tex Craddock

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tina rhodes perry

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4 Responses to “ Who sang the song ‘Carolina Beach’ and how can I get the lyrics?”

  1. On August 4, 2010 at 11:02 am Jim Ware wrote:

    StarNews Features Editor John Staton suggested I talk with Zach Hanner of local beach music group Da Howlies, which frequently performs the song “Carolina Beach” at concerts.

    Hanner said the song originally was performed by Tex Craddock of Burlington, N.C.

    The website http://www.45rpmrecords.com has a photo of the original record. “Carolina Beach” was on the A side of a Plaid Records 45-rpm single that featured the song “Let The Big Cat Jump” on the B side.

    The label shows that the song was written by Albert Thompson, Harry Neal and Harold Noll of Burlington, who also produced the song. It was recorded in 1969 by John Lookabill of Greensboro.

    “Infidelity is the theme of the song,” Hanner said.

    I couldn’t find lyrics to the song online, but Hanner transcribed them from memory to share with MyReporter.com readers. Here’s how the song goes:

    (The song opens with the chorus)

    Carolina Beach, Carolina Beach
    Sure did ruin my life
    Lost my home, lost my car
    Lost my sweet, sweet wife

    Said I was goin’ fishin’
    Well, that’s what I said
    But I didn’t go fishin’
    Went to the beach instead

    Never seen so many pretty girls
    Lyin’ there in the sand
    Fought temptation for a while
    And then I took off my wedding band


    Walked in to the penny arcade
    Met a little girl named Polly
    Looked at the bracelet on her leg
    And I said “Hey, this girl must be from Raleigh”

    Polly said come on sweetheart
    Let’s go and have a beer
    I said lover I’m with you,
    I sure could use some cheer


    Polly said let’s play the jukebox
    Then you can dance with me
    Man, we was really tearin’ it up
    Listenin’ to a song by Jerry Lee

    Looked over in to the doorway
    What do you think I saw?
    My two kids, my sweet, sweet wife
    And my dear old mother-in-law


  2. On August 24, 2010 at 3:39 pm Donnie Pye wrote:

    I have the song on cd.

  3. On August 25, 2010 at 11:05 am Jim Ware wrote:

    We’ve posted a link to the song above, courtesy of Zach Hanner of Da Howlies. Zach says, “Tell the folks that if they’d like to see this song live, they can friend us on Facebook or if they’d like to join our e-mail list, they can send an e-mail to dahowlies@hotmail.com. I usually send an event out for each gig.”

  4. On January 17, 2013 at 5:27 pm wayne wrote:


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