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When will Sunset Harbor get sewer and water service?

Shelby Sebens

The county does not have plans to provide sewer service in Sunset Harbor in the foreseeable future, Public Utilities Director Jerry Pierce said. But that doesn’t mean the neighborhood won’t get sewer service. If residents want sewer, they can get together and petition the Brunswick County Commissioners. This process generally takes 18 months to two years, allowing time for permitting and design, Pierce said. The petitions are the county’s process for getting sewer service to neighborhoods and it has done that in about 28 neighborhoods. The county usually sewers one to two neighborhoods a year, Pierce said. Residents interested in petitioning the county commissioners for sewer service can contact the engineering department at 253-2500.

Most of the Sunset Harbor area is served with potable water, Pierce said. But if residents do not have water, the petition process would be the same.

The county has installed some water mains in a limited number of neighborhoods without a petition from the neighborhood residents. These streets were selected by the Board of Commissioners based upon the number of potential customers, quality of groundwater in the area, and neighborhood interest, Pierce said.

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2 Responses to “ When will Sunset Harbor get sewer and water service?”

  1. On August 10, 2010 at 10:50 am keith wrote:

    What does “potable” mean?? Does it mean water that can be consumed ? Well, if thats the case, I want the Brunswick County commissioners to come to River Run Plantation and drink the water here….They should be made to drink it everyday…and their families made to drink it…what they have done down in this area should be labeled criminal…….

  2. On September 7, 2011 at 11:24 pm Darlene Leggett wrote:

    I live off of Sunset Harbor Road and my water is terrible. The water in the house is filtered and it leaves my sink and commodes red with rust. I can’t use my dishwasher because it leves hard water deposits on my dishes and ruins them. My white clothes are dingy and spotted with rust. When I water the dog in the yard the water looks like there is a film of oil or something with a rainbow sheen on top of it, it can’t be healthy for the dog. I had the sprinkler in the yard this summer and mistakenly some of the overspray got on my car. I thought it was ruined, I still haven’t gotten all of the hard water deposits and mineral stains off of the paint. The only thing that would even help was vinegar. What will it take to get some decent water in our area?

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