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What does the R.L. in R.L. Honeycutt Drive stand for?

Ken Little

The Rev. Reddin L. Honeycutt was Sampson County’s last surviving Civil War veteran, says Joseph Sheppard, of the local history staff at the New Hanover County Public Library.

Honeycutt died in February 1940 at the age of 93. He enlisted in the 38th North Carolina Regiment at age 18 in 1864. He was captured in the area of Petersburg, Va., on April 2, 1865, and confined at Hart’s Island in New York Harbor, until June 1865.

Honeycutt answered a calling to the Baptist clergy after the Civil War. The Pine Valley subdivision where R.L. Honeycutt Drive is located in Wilmington was being developed about the time of Honeycutt’s death, Sheppard says.

“I’m sure he was well venerated,” he says.

No word on Honeycutt’s middle name.

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One Response to “ What does the R.L. in R.L. Honeycutt Drive stand for?”

  1. On December 7, 2011 at 12:53 am Hal Overby, Jr wrote:

    R.L. Honeycutt was my Grandfather. Born 1906 in Stanley County, NC. He was a farmer and worked at the Ford factory in Charlotte, NC . His job was installing windshields in model T fords. He was so good at the installation he was asked to travel to other Ford facilities to train the installers. Skipping forward to Wilmington, NC, in the 60s he was befriended by Alex Trask Sr. He was a carpenter and soon a Builder. Working for Alex and soon after himself. R.L. Honeycutt Construction.

    I remember in the 70s spending my summers with my grandfather and Alex on his boat fishing and hunting in Rocky Point. I also remember going to each jobsite in Pine Valley as he built many many homes there. The street named R.L. Honeycutt Drive is not named for any other person (Especially not the Rev. Redding L. Honeycutt) but Renius L. Honeycutt. My Grandfather was born Renius Hunnicutt and when he moved to Wilmington, he changed his name from Hunnicutt to Honeycutt. He always told me that he was never given a middle name and that when he started building that R.L. sounded better than R. Honeycutt.

    Most of the homes on R.L. Honeycutt Drive in Pine Valley were built by my grandfather with the backing of Alex Trask Sr.

    Now you know the rest (real) of the story!

    Any questions, I can be reached at Hoverby@nc.rr.com

    Hal Overby, Jr.

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