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Why are there no crosswalks on Military Cutoff Road to connect the Forum Shops/Landfall Shops to Mayfaire?

Ken Little

When the widening of Military Cutoff Road from two to four lanes was planned earlier this decade, “Mayfaire was not even on the books so therefore the project did not install crosswalks,” says Allen Pope, N.C. Department of Transportation Division 3 engineer.

The Wilmington Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization has prioritized potential crosswalk locations across the city, but the area by Mayfaire is not one of them, Pope says.

The good news is that a private developer will put in crosswalks at Military Cutoff and Eastwood roads as part of improvements to the intersection in connection with work in a nearby residential area. The crosswalks should be laid down in late fall or the early spring of 2010, Pope says.

No sidewalks currently link Mayfaire to the intersection. Sidewalk installation would be the responsibility of the city of Wilmington, Pope says.

“I would also make the comment that any pedestrian at a signalized intersection has legitimate right of way whether it has a painted crosswalk or not. A painted crosswalk is added protection,” he says.

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2 Responses to “ Why are there no crosswalks on Military Cutoff Road to connect the Forum Shops/Landfall Shops to Mayfaire?”

  1. On August 9, 2009 at 7:18 am Eric wrote:

    This is the continuing trend…I would ask, “Why are there no sidewalks/bikepaths leading into Halyburton Park from S. 17th Street…Why is there no crosswalk at S. 17th Street & St. Andrews only two blocks away from a school?…and on and on.

    Until local government starts holding developers or themselves to a higher standard, we are stuck with their poor planning and cost cutting measures. Why does Mayor Saffo lead in the money race for re-election? He is the guy that lets folks off the hook!

  2. On June 6, 2011 at 9:04 am Planner wrote:

    I lived in the 2000 block of Eastwood for three years. This is by far the worst intersection to cross in the City. The only one worse would be College and Oleander. Seems funny, Mr. Pope once ran the NCDOT district that included New Hanover. The City’s bike and pedestrian survey from the MPO acknowledged this intersection a year ago as being problematic. This intersection connects the Beach, UNCW, Mayfair, Landfall, Bradley Creek Area and many other points of attraction for Wilmington. Sunday two young people riding bikes from their house to the beach and to traverse through this intersection only to find out there were no sidewalks on direction to the other side. I’m 27 years old and I would never take my family of cyclists through this intersection, crossing almost 6-8 lanes of traffic to get to the other side. There isn’t even a signalized sign for pedestrians. Even the people sitting in their cars are like “Sorry you don’t have a sginal, and we’re not going to make it any easier for you to cross” Just like everything else, it will take someone getting hurt or dying at this intersection to get a more safe system.

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