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Why are cars that are illegally parked outside of parking lines often not ticketed?

Ken Little

Those who frequently drive along Dawson Street between 3rd Street and 17th Street — as the questioner specifically mentions — may not care to hear it, but Wilmington police have other priorities that take precedence over parking enforcement.

“They will take up a parking issue when they see a problem developing. As far as putting it on their schedule, it doesn’t occur,” says District 3 Lt.  Mike Fanta, whose territory includes the stretch of Dawson Street in question.

The district is outside the downtown coverage area of Park Wilmington and its enthusiastic, ticket-dispensing employees.

Fanta says officers assigned to District 3 have other concerns, including reining in a “drastic” rise in property crimes, open-air drug dealing and prostitution.

“In these residential areas, a lot of times we depend on citizens calling us, especially if it is a constant problem,” Fanta says. “A good district officer will check on it again to see if it is a continuing problem.”

Fanta acknowledges that for patrol officers, “Parking issues are on the very bottom of the priority list.”

Officers are more likely to enforce handicapped parking and fire lane violations, he says.

Fanta suggests that citizens with gripes about illegally parked cars call the dispatch center, but not 9-1-1. The best number to call, he says, is 341-4254.

“Be specific as far as a block number and vehicle description and that is the best way for an officer to be aware of a problem developing,” Fanta says.

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One Response to “ Why are cars that are illegally parked outside of parking lines often not ticketed?”

  1. On August 5, 2010 at 2:52 pm B. Williams wrote:

    Can’t catch all the fish I guess.. the point is Wilmington needs about 100-150 more Police Officers.

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