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Could my oceanfront home on Oak Island be rebuilt if it were destroyed? You asked!

Where can I find heirloom German Johnson tomatoes? You asked!

Why was my mail delivered during Hurricane Irene? You asked!

Can a worker be fired for not reporting to work during a hurricane?

When would ABC stores close in the event of a hurricane?

When and how would I-40 be reversed in the event of a major hurricane?

Is it against the law to raise prices when there’s a state of emergency? You asked!

What do I do with my pets when a hurricane is approaching?

How would a tropical storm or hurricane affect DTV reception without cable or satellite TV?

What are the hotel/motel cancellation policies when a hurricane is due to arrive?

Has the eye of a hurricane ever passed over Wilmington? You asked!

When will the yellow fly and deer fly season will be over in New Hanover County? You asked!

Where should I take cover if a tornado is spotted near UNCW? You asked!

What is the status of the 28,000-square-foot house being built in Brunswick County? You asked!

Why do street sweepers drive up and down streets blowing leaves around? You asked!

Is anything being done about the erosion at Snow’s Cut Park? You asked!

What is the most desirable place to live in the country near Wilmington? You asked!

Why do police officers leave their cars running when they’re not in them? You asked!

How do I convert snowfall amounts to corresponding rain equivalents? You asked!

Why do we close schools/government offices whenever there’s even a hint of snow?

When was the last time Wilmington had a white Christmas? You asked!

How often do both bridges connecting Wilmington and Leland shut down at the same time? You asked!

Why were more than 100 dead jellyfish on the beach at the south end of Wrightsville Beach? You asked!

What were the warmest and coldest winters on record for Wilmington? You asked!

What was that light that used to rotate across Wilmington, like a lighthouse? You asked!

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