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What were the five worst hurricanes to hit Southeastern North Carolina? You asked!

Did the polar vortex kill all of the local Washingtonia palms, or will they recover? You asked!

Will two ice-damaged live oaks on South 17th Street need to be removed? You asked!

Why does the National Weather Service broadcast only to weather radios instead of on AM or FM radio? You asked!

What does it mean when the National Weather Service talks about Topsail Box Cars, Ten Mile Box Cars? You asked!

How can we be under average rainfall for the year when this has been wettest year in many years? You asked!

I would like to know what the prevailing wind is in our area of North Carolina. You asked!

What is considered a beach community? How far from the ocean do you have to be to get lower insurance rates? You asked!

Has Landfall ever flooded? And if yes, how bad was the flooding and when did it occur? You asked!

When did the Northern Lights shine over Wilmington’s downtown? You asked!

Was Hurricane Sandy a male or female name? Will the name be retired? You asked!

Why does the weather often vary drastically between Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach? You asked!

If I smash someone’s car window to rescue a dog on a hot day, what is the penalty? You asked!

Why does The Weather Channel’s hi-def channel show different local weather info than the standard-definition channel? You asked!

Where can I find the latest storm evacuation information, procedures, shelters, etc., for Brunswick County? You asked!

When is the best time of year to trim pampas grass? You asked!

Is the National Weather Service station in Wilmington hurricane proof? You asked!

Has New Hanover’s hurricane recovery plan been updated to keep pace with development? You asked!

Could my oceanfront home on Oak Island be rebuilt if it were destroyed? You asked!

Where can I find heirloom German Johnson tomatoes? You asked!

Why was my mail delivered during Hurricane Irene? You asked!

Can a worker be fired for not reporting to work during a hurricane?

When would ABC stores close in the event of a hurricane?

When and how would I-40 be reversed in the event of a major hurricane?

Is it against the law to raise prices when there’s a state of emergency? You asked!