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I-40 heading north right before the Gordon Road has a bump that’s really harsh. Are there plans to fix it? You asked!

Are there any plans to open the blocked U-turn on Market Street just south of the hospital’s new emergency room? You asked!

Do North Carolina car inspections include airbags, the secondary restraint system?

Who pays for bridge inspections performed by the state Department of Transportation?

What’s the story on planned bicycle and pedestrian improvements on Wrightsville Avenue? You asked!

Are there plans to repave Jasmine Cove Way soon? You asked!

Does the N.C. Department of Transportation have any plans to extend the Middle Sound Loop Road to Ogden Business Lane? You asked!

Why did the N.C. Department of Transportation not pave all of Village Road in Leland? Do they plan on finishing the section near Lanvale Road anytime soon? You asked!

Who is responsible for replacing the state historic marker at the intersection of Long Beach Road and Highway 211? The sign was taken down during road construction. You asked!

Why do plans for the I-140 crossing at U.S. 74/76 not include an upgrade of U.S. 74/76 as a limited-access freeway? You asked!

Q: When will a crosswalk be constructed at the intersection of George Anderson and 17th Street? You asked!

What are they building at the back of the airport by Kerr Avenue? You asked!

Is Uber legal in North Carolina? Is a special license required? You asked!

Is there a time frame on the widening of Covil Farm Road? You asked!

How does the Third Street bridge construction avoid breaking noise ordinance rules? You asked!

When trees or bushes obstruct traffic views or the right of way, whom can I call to report it? You asked!

When will the Georgetown Road Extension project in OIB be finished? You asked!

Are more trees going to be planted in the new Market Street median? You asked!

Has the roundabout on Middle Sound Road affected the accident rate? You asked!

Why do fences run down both sides of the new section of I-140? You asked!

What is the status of the North Kerr Avenue widening project? You asked!

Was the Market Street repaving near Porters Neck stalled? You asked!

How can I see if a road is state-maintained? You asked!

Why is the Brunswick River bridge raised in the U.S. 17/74/76 widening project? You asked!

Why are they digging along Covil Farm Road? You asked!

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