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What’s the status on the planned kayak launch at Smith Creek? You asked!

Any update on Time Warner Cable carrying the new SEC Network in the area? You asked!

How much money does the men’s basketball program at UNCW generate?

How many different uniform combinations does the UNCW baseball team have? You asked!

How can a nonprofit like Eagle Point Golf Club have a for-profit tournament? You asked!

Has there been any talk from Cape Fear Community College about adding football? You asked!

Is there a bylaw in UNCW’s charter that forbids it from forming an NCAA football team? You asked!

Is Stilman White enrolled at UNC this semester? If so, is he planning to play? You asked!

What is the New Hanover County schools policy on athletes switching schools? You asked!

Will any area golf courses be open on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? You asked!

What is the name of the NASCAR driver from Southeastern North Carolina? You asked!

Why are there no basketball courts at Hugh MacRae Park? You asked!

About how many fans were at the New Hanover-Hoggard playoff football game? You asked!

Does New Hanover High receive money from concessions at Legion Stadium? You asked!

Are there plans to open an access to Olsen Park from Murrayville Road? You asked!

Are there any plans by the county to install lights on any of the soccer fields? You asked!

How have the four New Hanover high schools done in football against 3A and 4A opponents? You asked!

Are any elected or executive officials playing in the Nov. 9 City/County Golf Tournament to benefit the United Way? You asked!

Why are there no bicycle racks at Legion Stadium? You asked!

Which football coach at the four New Hanover high schools has the best winning percentage? You asked!

Are the tennis courts behind Cape Fear Academy open to the public?

Is there a place where a local hunter can take his game to be rendered or processed for food? You asked!

Why is UNCW renovating the women’s softball field when that sport was going to be eliminated? You asked!

How many North Carolinians have received the Presidential Medal of Freedom? You asked!

Can you tell me more about the Football Jamboree and the scholarships it supports? You asked!