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Didn’t Hardee’s restaurants used to have rides for kids? You asked!

What were the original stores in Azalea Plaza? I think it was JM Fields and Kresge. You asked!

What was the name of the 5-and-10 on Carolina Beach Road across from Legion Stadium in the 1960’s. You asked!

What will be moving into the old O’Charley’s location in front of Wal-Mart on Market Street? You asked!

What was The Wonder Shop? You asked!

How do I go about having a garage sale at my home? Are there permits I have to get? You asked!

What are they building on Mount Misery Road in Leland? You asked!

Is there a state law banning dogs from businesses where no food handling occurs? You asked!

Why is gasoline still sold using the .9 cents at the end? You asked!

Is Harris Teeter thinking about remodeling the Ogden store? You asked!

When will the Hobby Lobby on Oleander Drive open? You asked!

Why do the Scotchman convenience stores sell different brands of gas? You asked!

What are they clearing land for on Mount Misery Road in Leland, across from the Food Lion? You asked!

How can we discover businesses going out of business and selling items for cheap? You asked!

Where is the goose that laid the golden egg that was in the basement of Su-Ann Shoe Store? You asked!

Was there ever a gas station where the parking lot is for Whole Foods? You asked!

Will the billboards come down when the Trader Joe’s is built at College and Oleander? You asked!

Why is there a helicopter parked in a grassy area behind Ruby Tuesday in Mayfaire? You asked!

Which area grocery stores do not use ‘pink slime’ beef? You asked!

Why have many of the StarNews newspaper racks disappeared? You asked!

When Target store expanded its food section, why didn’t they add an entrance and checkouts for the grocery area? You asked!

Will there be a Target coming to Brunswick County? You asked!

Does Harris Teeter really recycle plastic bags collected in bins at the front of the store? You asked!

What happened to Hairworks in Independence Mall? You asked!

What has happened at Walgreens on Market & Kerr? There seems to be no activity You asked!

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