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Is a fresh food delivery service based in the Wilmington area? You asked!

Where can I buy the Attractions Carolina Coast coupon book? You asked!

Where will the new Harris Teeter at Ogden go? You asked!

Where is downtown Belville, and where are the liquor stores? You asked!

Where can I find locally grown eggs? You asked!

Will there be changes in service or tourism now that Brunswick is part of Myrtle Beach’s MSA? You asked!

What are the costs associated with WAVE Transit and where does it get its money? You asked!

What are they building behind the Walmart at Monkey Junction? You asked!

Is there any place in Wilmington to buy a pound or two of goat meat? You asked!

Is there a Walmart planned for Surf City? You asked!

Are there any full-service gas stations in Wilmington? You asked!

Will Harris Teeter eventually carry some of the Kroger house brands? You asked!

Is there any place to get Detroit-style pizza in Wilmington? You asked!

What are they building in the parking lot next to Harris Teeter on South College Road? You asked!

Where does Hardee’s get the codfish used in their fish sandwiches? You asked!

What was the name of the supermarket that shared the building with Kmart? You asked!

What is the history of the Blue Moon shops? You asked!

Where in the area can I go to purchase big and tall casual clothing? You asked!

Is Port City Produce going to be on Carolina Beach Road as it was in 2012? You asked!

Why do department stores and shopping malls open at 10 a.m.? You asked!

Is there a store in Wilmington that sells clergy attire such as a clergy collar or robe? You asked!

Is there a place in Wilmington or close by that sells men’s newsboy-style caps? You asked!

Has Britt Motorsports closed? You asked!

Is Roses closing its store on Carolina Beach Road? You asked!

Where can I buy limestone gravel by the sack? You asked!

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