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What is the history of the little school remains in front of Parsley School? You asked!

Why can they sell beer at Azalea Festival concerts at CFCC but not at UNCW? You asked!

How much does Port City Community Church pay to use Belville Elementary for services? You asked!

What became of the Cape Fear Rifles, New Hanover High ROTC’s drill team? You asked!

Why doesn’t the school-zone time on 132 synch up with Wrightsboro Elementary’s actual start bell? You asked!

Who is responsible for enforcing drop-off and pick-up procedures at the public schools?

Why did New Hanover high cancel the homecoming pep rally and dance last year? You asked!

Can a teacher require extra credit before students can earn an A? You asked!

How much money in impact fees for schools has New Hanover County collected from developers? You asked!

Has follow-up testing been done on the soil and water levels at Holly Shelter Middle School? You asked!

Is there an increase in school absences on days when the surf is really good? You asked!

With no credentialing board, how can teachers be held accountable? You asked!

Why didn’t Winter Park Elementary hang its portraits of former principals? You asked!

Why are UNCW students allowed to ride the Wave bus for free while CFCC students are only offered a discount? You asked!

Have New Hanover test scores fallen since the state mandated schools start Aug. 25 or later? You asked!

How do DOT or the school board plan on improving the horrible traffic problems at Laney High School? You asked!

What’s the issue with the Laney school bus route? Kids are riding 3 to a seat. You asked!

Can you pay to go to New Hanover County public schools if you live out of the county? You asked!

Why do CFCC cosmetology students have to pay up front? You asked!

Does UNCW plan to remove the Cinema 6 sign from its property on Oleander Drive? You asked!

Are UNCW’s construction projects put out for public bid? How do you bid on them? You asked!

Will UNCW ever reopen Price Drive? You asked!

How much money does New Hanover County collect annually from churches that use school buildings on Sundays? You asked!

Are there any obscure high school sports that used to exist in the area but no longer do? You asked!

Is former teacher Jessica Wishnask out of jail? You asked!

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