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Are there plans to extend St. Nicholas Road to Station Road to help with traffic at Blair-Noble schools? You asked!

What is Brunswick County Schools’ budget, and how much of that goes to charter schools? You asked!

How much money does the men’s basketball program at UNCW generate?

How many different uniform combinations does the UNCW baseball team have? You asked!

Can slow school buses using River Road be re-routed to Carolina Beach Road? You asked!

Was it legal to reconfigure vehicle access to Wrightsboro Elementary School? You asked!

Do local schools have a Lego program? Why don’t lottery funds pay for such programs? You asked!

How much was spent locally on lottery tickets, and how much did our schools receive? You asked!

Roland-Grise Middle School’s gym is named for Coach Wadsworth. When will the plaque be replaced? You asked!

Has there been any talk from Cape Fear Community College about adding football? You asked!

Why is there an ad for Parsley Elementary School running on TV? You asked!

Is there a bylaw in UNCW’s charter that forbids it from forming an NCAA football team? You asked!

Is Stilman White enrolled at UNC this semester? If so, is he planning to play? You asked!

What is the New Hanover County schools policy on athletes switching schools? You asked!

About how many fans were at the New Hanover-Hoggard playoff football game? You asked!

Can you tell me the history behind Trask Middle School in Wilmington? You asked!

Does New Hanover High receive money from concessions at Legion Stadium? You asked!

When will North Carolina allow public online schools for grades K-12? Will the county pay? You asked!

Where can I find sewing/sewing machine classes in Wilmington and how much do they cost? You asked!

Which football coach at the four New Hanover high schools has the best winning percentage? You asked!

What school systems in the area are doing random drug testing on school personnel? You asked!

Could you give a brief history of the original Bradley Creek Elementary School? You asked!

Why is UNCW renovating the women’s softball field when that sport was going to be eliminated? You asked!

What has happened to the Class of 2022 coverage? You asked!

When will the multi-use path from Ogden Elementary School to Red Cedar Road be started? You asked!

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