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Who were the guys who dressed in turbans and robes and read Bible passages on a cable channel? You asked!

How long did artist Rowan LeCompte live in Wilmington? You asked!

Have there been any cults in the Cape Fear region?

Is it legal for a minister to direct a congregation to vote for a particular candidate by name? You asked!

Can a church have a potluck dinner without permission from the health department? You asked!

How much do pastors make at larger churches? You asked!

What hymnal would Baptists have been using in 1814? You asked!

Do you know the name of the Catholic church that was in the middle of Hanover Center? You asked!

How much does Port City Community Church pay to use Belville Elementary for services? You asked!

How much money does New Hanover County collect annually from churches that use school buildings on Sundays? You asked!

What is being built on the Northside Baptist Church property? You asked!

Is it legal for a school van to say ‘In God We Trust’? You asked!

Why is there a court jester in front of Pearsall Presbyterian Church on Market Street? It just seems bizarre! You asked!

What’s the status of the church opening where Wilson’s used to be (near Walmart)? You asked!

Are there any churches open every day and night? You asked!

Do you know of a church-based orphanage in Wilmington in the mid-1930s possibly though the 1940s? You asked!

How do graduation rates for private high schools compare to public schools? You asked!

How many weddings have been held at the Brooklyn Arts Center? You asked!

Was Wilmington’s Temple of Israel ever Sephardic? You asked!

What does the rooster atop the First Presbyterian Church steeple represent?

Whatever happened to the cannons that used to be on top of the old WLI Armory?

Does the Good Shepherd Center charge the homeless for meals? You asked!

How much does the school district make from a church that uses school facilities? You asked!

Are there church services held on the beach on weeks other than Easter Sunday? You asked!

Which Wilmington churches (not Catholic) hold services other than on Sunday? You asked!