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Public Safety

Can I carry a concealed firearm in North Carolina state parks? You asked!

At what age can a child sit in the front seat of an automobile? You asked!

Is it against health codes for employees to bring their own food to the restaurant where they work? You asked!

What number do you call to get Wilmington Police to come to an accident site? You asked!

Why haven’t police checked into Mott concerning the Tucker and Vannewkirk cases? You asked!

Why was Carolina Beach’s former police chief rewriting policies his last two weeks on the job? You asked!

Who enforces crowd limit rules in bars at night, and are they actively doing so? You asked!

What is latest on the Davina Buff Jones murder re-investigation? You asked!

Why aren’t fireworks laws enforced in New Hanover County? You asked!

What is the law on carrying a handgun in a vehicle if you have a concealed carry permit? You asked!

Is it legal to own a gun if the person isn’t allowed to purchase a gun due to past police records? You asked!

Why does the Leland Police Department have a black Ford Explorer with out-of-state plates? You asked!

Why hasn’t a fire hydrant on 41st Street been repaired? It’s been more than two months. You asked!

What’s the status of the Wrightsville Beach Police officers who were demoted? You asked!

Can I carry a gun in my wheelchair partially seen without a conceal carry permit in North Carolina? You asked!

Why does the National Weather Service broadcast only to weather radios instead of on AM or FM radio? You asked!

How many DWI checkpoints do Carolina Beach Police Department set up at Snow’s Cut Bridge each month? You asked!

Why was a guardrail put up on Castle Hayne Road and not one on N.C. 132 and Prince George Creek? You asked!

Can state correctional officers purchase their weapons when they retire for a nominal fee? You asked!

What happened about the DWI charge against Mr. Edes, the town of Oak Island attorney? You asked!

Can I target shoot inside Holly Shelter gamelands? You asked!

Why doesn’t the New Hanover Sheriff’s Office enforce the leash rule on Masonboro Island? You asked!

How many drownings have there been in the Northeast Cape Fear River at Castle Hayne? You asked!

Has the gun range on River Road been tested for lead? You asked!

How can security guards stop traffic at the Sutton Plant on U.S. 421? You asked!