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Can you tell me more about the lake north of Murrayville Road, southeast of I-40 and 140? Who owns it and will it be developed? You asked!

Who donated the land for the proposed senior-living facility off Masonboro Loop Road?

Does Blake Shelton have a place in Southeastern North Carolina? You asked!

Is the 28411 ZIP code in the city limits of Wilmington? You asked!

Is there a way to identify public access easements to the Cape Fear River? You asked!

When is construction expected to be done on Waterfront Park and when might it be open? You asked!

Was there a Wilson’s supermarket beside Kmart on South College Road?

What is the history of the name Chair Road in Castle Hayne? You asked!

What is the story behind “Doctor Point” on maps of the Cape Fear River across from The Cape golf course? You asked!

What is going up across Piner Road from Myrtle Grove Middle School? You asked!

Where are the two cement lions that were in front of the old police station at City Hall? What was their origin? You asked!

Why do street lamps in downtown Wilmington have finials that look like faces? You asked!

What are all of the Budget Rental trucks doing at Independence Mall? You asked!

Did anyone ever find the supposed Civil War bunker near Fifth Avenue in downtown Wilmington? You asked!

What is being built/remodeled at the old brick structure at Greenfield and Third streets? You asked!

Why is the no stopping, standing or parking rule not enforced at Wilmington International Airport? You asked!

Is anything being built in the area between St. James and Midway Road? You asked!

What is the highest hill in the region (within an hour’s drive of downtown Wilmington)? You asked!

What’s going on at the former Flip’s Nursery in Hampstead? You asked!

Has anyone counted how many pine trees are in Hugh MacRae Park? What is the park’s history? You asked!

When will they add baby/toddler swings to Wade Park? Also the vegetation has taken over and needs to be trimmed. You asked!

Why do signs in the Porter’s Neck area refer to it as Kirkland? You asked!

What is the correct pronunciation of Sanders Road?

What subdivision is going in off Myrtle Grove Road right before Sentry Oaks? You asked!

Where is The Borough in Pender County? You asked!

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