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What happened to radio station 94.1 FM Wilmington? You asked!

“Album rock” station 99.3 ZURF FM plays no commercials. How do they keep the lights on? You asked!

What happened to WLTT AM 1100? You can barely pick them up now. You asked!

What happened to Stephenie Waldref on WWAY Morning News? You asked!

Why doesn’t WKXB FM (Jammin 99.9) broadcast a different format on HD2? You asked!

What Happened to Daniel Seamans on WWAY? You asked!

What’s the latest on Sarah Murphy, who left WWAY to be treated for cancer? You asked!

Where can I find video of the TV commercial of a red-haired woman with glasses in an office setting who rearranges the furniture? You asked!

What happened to Magic Matt Murphy on z107.5? And who replaced him? You asked!

What happened to Molly Oak on WECT’s morning news? You asked!

Has WTMV TV channel 29 ceased broadcasting? You asked!

What happened to Ashley Sturm on WWAY? You asked!

What is going on with WADA Channel 43? You asked!

Why have the channel listings in the TV book in the Sunday StarNews changed? You asked!

Did Jasmine Turner leave WECT? You asked!

Does the film “Cape Fear” have any connection to the Cape Fear River? You asked!

Is it true that WTMV 29 in Odgen is bringing back the Cozi TV network that WWAY dropped? You asked!

Is WSFX-TV still on the air? Also, ION TV seems to have disappeared. You asked!

WILM has been broadcasting a picture that is a letter-boxed and low-resolution. Is it going to improve? You asked!

Who is on the StarNews Editorial Board? You asked!

What happened to Laura on the “Foz in the Morning” show on Z107.5 FM? You asked!

What happened to Bailey Hicks, the weekend anchor at WECT? You asked!

I’m confused about some of the recent changes, especially with WECT, channel 912 for the HD version on ATMC. You asked!

What programming will Capitol Broadcasting’s WILM carry beginning Jan. 1, 2017, when CBS switches to WWAY? You asked!

What happened to Patrick Ellis who was with WECT? You asked!

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